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African Woman Painting

African Woman Painting

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Carefully Handmade Oil on Canvas Painting

Oil painting that you hang on your walls reflects both your soul and the soul of your home. By hanging a l oil painting on your wall that reflects beautiful energy to you, you can complete your decoration and reveal the identity of your home.

Oil paintings express a personal beauty and meaning. You can support the elegance of your room with an oil painting you like.

✔ Made with years of experience by original artists.

✔ with its modern and original style, this Table was made using a spatula.

✔ Made of dried solid woods so you can keep it for a lifetime.

✔ Able to self hang, don't need to a secondary frame.

✔ Elegant and minimalist with 3cm extra thin design.


Custom Order

Original oil paintings will be specially made for you by our artist team upon your order. Since it will be produced on your order, it is 15 business days delivery periods.

Package Included


- Free Worldwide Shipping

- We will ship out yout order in 1-3 work days right after we receive the order

- Order Delivery time will be 3 - 5 working days

- Tracking number will be sent to your e-mail.

Return & Refund

- We accept returns within 14 days after purchase

- We accept the returns only if the products are at the state of delivery. If it is used of package is damages. we will not be accepting the returns.

- Shipping cost of the return will be at costumer's responsability

- We are not responsible of receiving the product.

- Refunds will be issues in 7 days after we receive the product and make the inspection.

- No partial refund will be issued

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Glass Painting special and different than otherpaintings?

What makes glass paintings special compared to other ones is that the tempered glass used in their production which is extremely resistant to breakage, as well as being scratch-proof and extremely resistant to high temperatures.

Another feature that makes the glass paintings different from the traditional paintings is that they are visually eye-catching and stylish.

You may watch the glass test video below:

Will the glass paintings get broken or damaged in delivery or during shipping?

Art Gallery EU glass paintings are much more resistant and durable than normal glasses as because they are tempered. In addition, our glass tables are delivered in a specially protected box with corner protection apparatus.

Despite all this, if the product you purchased is damaged in the cargo, we will immediately replace it with a new one without any hassle as soon as possible.

When will my order will shipped out? How long is order processing time?

We will ship out yout order in 1-2 days right after we receive the order.

How will I know that my order has been shipped?

All shipping information about your order will be sent to your e-mail address (the one you use to make purchase with) when your order is placed in our website.

Will I receive any tracking number after my order shipped out?

You will receive a tracking number right after we shipped your order out.

How should I fix & hang my glass painting on the wall?

 You can hang your glass painting with the hanging brackets ounted on the back of the painting.

We will send dowels and screws for you to hang your glass table.


You may watch the video below as demonstration:

Are the hanger tools durable and reliable?

The hanger apparatus mounted on your paintings are provided after passing various safety and quality tests and then we make a final assembly test.

They are all safe and reliable!